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Swetha Umashankar 


University of Edinburgh 
Ph.D. Wellcome Trust One health Models in Disease 

Imperial College London
MSc Translational Neuroscience 

Keele University 
BSc Biomedical Science


About Swetha

After completing my Bachelor’s in Biomedical science, I chose Neuroscience as my field of interest and decided to pursue an MSc in Translational Neuroscience at Imperial College London. Throughout my academic career, I have had the privilege of studying in institutions which provided students with ample resources and support to reach their goals. I understand this is not the case of everyone. Ethnic minorities and those from a financially disadvantaged background need to overcome additional hurdles alongside academic challenges in order to aim for top tier universities. I firmly believe accessibility to resources should be made available to all students without discrimination. Working with UniArk would allow me to help students reach their full academic potential and help navigate through daunting university applications. 

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