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Shamma Qarin


University of Cambridge

PhD in Clinical Neuroscience - Research focus: Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

University of Cambridge
MPhil in Biological Science (Wellcome Sanger Institute)  


Monash University (Malaysia)

BSc (Honours) in Biotechnology


About Shamma

Shamma has always been passionate about being a Genetic Engineer since the 8th grade. She dreamed of studying at the University of Cambridge. After completing her undergraduate studies, she applied to pursue higher education at Cambridge. Due to the high expenses and living far away from family, she found it challenging, but inspiration from her family, friends, and the promising opportunities and studentships provided by Cambridge encouraged her to take a step towards it. She aspires to build a career for herself either as a full-time academic at a university or in the pharmaceutical industry using cutting-edge genome editing and stem cell technologies to develop drugs or therapies for human disorders. By leveraging her training, her goal is to translate bench science into high-impact, cost-effective clinical applications. She would like to have the opportunity to make a lasting and positive impact on humankind by developing drugs and therapies for common, chronic health conditions where the current standard of care is not as promising. She also has a deep sense of duty towards her homeland, Bangladesh, and would like to contribute towards the development there through her work and research. Throughout her academic life, Shamma has required scholarships to pursue her academic dreams and she has been very successful in securing a large number of scholarships including the prestigious Cambridge Trust scholarships. She will be able to support students with scholarship applications and guide them at every stage of the application.

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