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Sebastian Abby


University Of Cambridge

MPhil in Biotechnology

Institut Teknologi Bandung

BA in Chemical Engineering


About Sebastian

Sebastian completed his bachelor degree in chemical engineering in Indonesia and continued his study as an MPhil in Biotechnology student at the University of Cambridge. For him experiencing the world-class education in Cambridge has been an incredible learning experience, and he feels that everyone should have the opportunity to receive that. For him, proper education is a key for a better future, an empowering tool that transforms people’s lives and ameliorate the society. Unfortunately, such opportunity is often unavailable for everyone, especially for ethnic minorities in developing countries. For such groups, supports, encouragement, and information are often unavailable or very scarce.


Sebastian himself has struggled a lot in his journey to Cambridge, facing challenges with limited information availability in times of the pandemic. While he is fortunate enough to be able to solve all those challenges on time, he feels that education should not be based on luck. Everyone who has the capability deserve an opportunity for a high-quality education no matter how constrained their situations are. This is why he participated in this foundation, where he envisions an equal access to high-quality education

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