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Puja Pallavi


University of Cambridge
LLM in Law  


About Puja

Puja hails from a small town called Saharsa in Bihar, the least literate state in India. The prevalent average age for a girl’s marriage is around 17 years, while many cases hover around 14-15. With only 53% of girls enrolled for primary education, many don’t attend classes and have been registered solely for the incentives to the family. The patriarchal society norms prevalent there are quite regressive considering the present-day standards.

Having to fight for her education, she now holds a First Class with Distinction from Amity University in India, where she studied Law and Business for her undergraduate. And have graduated from the University of Cambridge with a master’s degree in Commercial Law. She has also been awarded multiple scholarships during her education, including Jacobson Fund, Rebecca Squire Law Fund and Gooderson Memorial Fund. 

Due to her experiences, Puja strongly advocates for the freedom of education. And that has led her to minor in Human Rights Law, both during her undergraduate as well as post-graduate studies, to understand the nuances of the same. She now aims to guide students with similar restrictions, to reach their dream and become independent. 

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