This organisation is the fruit of a few young individuals’ passion for social justice. We come from ethnic backgrounds that are particularly persecuted and discriminated against due to our ethnic and religious identities. This has meant that many of our people may not have access to the same wealth, opportunities, and privileges as their ethnic counterparts. As students who have experienced this discrimination first hand, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring together other students from different backgrounds who share our passion and mission to join us in advancing the chances of ethnic groups like our own in accessing educational opportunities. 

The story that particularly ignited our passion was that of Shamsia Alizada. Shamsia scored the highest marks in the university entrance exam in Afghanistan amongst more than 170,000 other candidates. The euphoria was not only strongly felt amongst women of Afghanistan but also amongst the Hazaras - the ethnic group to which Shamsia belongs. Her inspiring story reached all corners of the world and it particularly impelled us to take action by putting our experience and knowledge together towards supporting students like Shamsia to reach their full potential. 

The long term aim of this organisation is to invite students from ethnic ‘minority’ backgrounds, particularly from developing countries, who are targeted and persecuted for whatever reason, to get in touch with us about their educational needs and aspirations so that our mentors can do their best in supporting them on their journey to higher education in the UK and US. A few disadvantaged ethnic groups are Hazaras, Tamils, Kurds, Chinese Indonesians, Rohingyas, etc (please note this list is not exhaustive). Our mentors would also love to support anyone from disadvantaged backgrounds if and when they have the capacity. 

However, to ensure that our organisation delivers strong, effective, and consistent support for the first students, we are restricting our reach in the first year to those ethnic groups that are residing in the UK. Therefore, if you are a student in the UK and would like our mentors to support your journey into Oxbridge and other elite UK universities, then we encourage you to apply. Also, if you are thinking of going to university to continue your education but do not have the necessary qualifications such as GCSEs & A-Levels then also please apply so that we can advise on how you can get started and what suitable courses are available for you.