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Najib Sharifi


University of Cambridge

Ph.D. in Chemistry

University of Cambridge
BA and MA in Chemical Engineering

Holy Cross College, Bury



About Najib

Originally from Afghanistan, Najib came to the UK at the age of 11, settling in Manchester with his family where he started his education. He is now an MEng graduate of the Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology tripos from the University of Cambridge and is continuing  his studies through a PhD. His research is in the field of surface science where he studies the adsorption in extreme conditions for Wind turbines. He enjoys taking part in a variety of sports including playing badminton, football, and volleyball and he has a passion for drawing facial portraits and reading fictional books. His future aspiration is to pursue the role of a professor, where through both research and teaching at the university level he aims to be an educator to future generations to retribute to what society has given him in his learning path. 

Over the last 5 years, Najib has worked with over 100 students in a range of different teaching roles including supervising Cambridge University Undergraduates as well as undergraduates from other universities and teaching A-level students. Furthermore, he has worked with many students as a UK application mentor helping with admissions tests and interview practice with a focus on University of Cambridge and Oxford University where he has successfully helped 17 students gain entry and over 50 students gain entry to the Russell group universities. The rigorous and challenging admissions process of these top universities makes it near impossible for ethnic minorities in 3rd world countries to compete for a place due to the lack of support available. Through this organisation, he wants to use his teaching experience to help these students to compete for these prestigious universities. 

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