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UniArk Mentorship Program

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Qudratullah Jamil, Mentee from Afghanistan

"I cannot sufficiently thank you and the UniArk Team for your incredible support on my application procedure and specifically essay reviews. Your sense of support in hard times, your energy and motivational support will sustain for long in my memory."
"I want to say that you all lightened up a candle where darkness prevailed all over my country and sense of hope were barely feasible, while your supports made the candle of hopes be continually flaming. Therefore, I full heartedly thank you all for your supports and time you all have given me and supported me to get steps closer to what I dreamed."


Our mentoring programme focuses on providing aspiring students from persecuted and/or historically disadvantaged groups from anywhere around the world with a mentor who can guide you through the UK/US/European University application process, for FREE! 
The mentor will be a current student at or a graduate from a UK/US/European higher education who will be able to guide you throughout all stages of your application process, from writing your personal statement and scholarship essays to prepping for entrance tests, to mock interviews! 

Your mentor will also support you with identifying scholarship/funding opportunities as well as making informed decisions about which courses and universities to apply for based on your academic interests and career aspirations. 

What will your mentor do for you?

UniArk mentors will:

  • guide you with your university applications (you are not advised to work on more than two separate university applications at any one time)

Acknowledging that each mentoring relationship is unique, the UniArk mentor will:

  • Challenge and/or encourage you depending on what the situation requires

  • Provide feedback on your application statements that is honest, open and constructive and in a timely manner 

  • Will have a genuine interest in helping you succeed 

  • Present opportunities to you that you may not have recognized on your own

  • Provide suggestions to the best of their knowledge that help will help you reach the goals set out

  • Offer opportunities to problem solve and exchange ideas

Eligibility Criteria

To join our mentoring programme, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • Interested in higher education studies

  • Be highly motivated and ambitious to make a successful application to a leading global university

  • Be self driven, proactive in making progress in your application 

  • Be from a persecuted community (ethnic, religious, sexual orientation) and/or socially/economically disadvantaged group.

A few persecuted groups we have identified are Hazaras, Tamils, Kurds, Sikhs, Chinese Indonesians, Rohingyas, etc (please note this list is not exhaustive)

  • Be proficient in the English language (this is requirement in all UK/US/European universities) - please note you will need to provide IELTs exam certificate to each university you make an application to.

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Your duties and responsibilities as a mentee

  • Engage with your mentor regularly

  • Be punctual with meetings and inform your mentor well in advance if you cannot attend a meeting or meet your application deadline.

  • Not completely rely on your mentor to draft and prepare your application (bear in mind this is your application so the more you do, the more your mentor will be able to help you)

  • Read, reflect and respond to your mentor’s feedback 

  • Take an active in role in searching for funding opportunities and identifying your eligibility for them

  • Respond to emails promptly and politely

  • Keep in regular communications with the UniArk admissions team

  • Participate in surveys and provide feedback to help UniArk improve its mentoring programme 

  • Provide testimonial if/when requested at the end of your programme

  • Be open and willing to share your successful story to promote the profile of and garner support for UniArk

  • Report immediately any mentor misbehaviour and noncompliance with the policies, Child Protection and Safeguarding of UniArk to a senior member of the team

  • Immediately contact the UniArk team if the match is not appropriate or if the mentor is not responsive for an unreasonable length of time 

  • Understanding that your mentorship place is dependent on your compliance with the above policies and expectations. 

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