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Khadija Sharifi


University of Manchester

BA Aerospace and Aeronautics Engineering

Holy Cross College

A- Levels


About Khadija

Khadija is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Manchester and studying Aerospace Engineering. This particular field has been a fascination of hers from a young age as she is passionate about the mechanics of aircraft and spacecraft. It is her dream to design spacecrafts that will further the world's advancement in exploring outer space.  As a PASS leader volunteer in the Peer Assistant Study provided by her university, she supports first-year students, guiding them through both academic and non-academic challenges of university. Through personal experience, she is well acquainted with the struggles of the university admission processes and the challenges faced by students from ethnic minorities, and those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. This organisation will provide her with a platform to use her skills and experience to work with students particularly girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to empower women.

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