Husnia Safari


London School of Economics

MSc in International Development and Emerging Economies

University of Reading 

BSc in Mathematics and Economics


About Husnia

Husnia Safari read Mathematics and Economics at an undergraduate level and has recently completed her master’s in International Development and Emerging Economies. Her interest in development studies grew during the final year of her undergraduate studies and now she finds herself regularly blogging about development topics and issues pertaining to the South Asian region. 

Throughout her time in education, Husnia assumed many tutoring roles that she found highly meaningful and provided her with the skills and opportunity to offer tailored tutelage and guidance to students from different backgrounds, which she wishes to continue through this platform. Given her personal experience, she understands that young people who are the first in their family to pursue higher education face extra challenges preparing a competitive university application and making well-informed decisions about their academic endeavors given their limited access to guidance. Thus, she strongly encourages students from similar backgrounds to seek a mentorship position to benefit from the knowledge of people who have competently navigated through university applications and their academic studies.