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Danielle Kurtin


Imperial College London

PhD in Neuroscience

Imperial College London

MSci In Neuroscience

Florida State University

BA in Neuroscience 


About Danielle

Hi, I'm Danielle, and I hail from a small fishing town called Stuart, Florida. As the kind of woman who can catch fish with my bare hands, and who eschewed shoes until age 20, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to study neuroscience, let alone live in London! Yet I was lucky to have been inspired and mentored by the late and great F. Brown. He encouraged my inexhaustible stream of questions, and with a lot of help and patience, this evolved into a more formal practice of asking questions- conducting research! I am now completing my PhD in computational neuroscience at the University of Surrey and in partnership with Imperial College London, but it feels like only yesterday I met the mentor who told me that asking questions is a good thing, and that I should follow my passion through a research career.

F. Brown made a strong impact on my ability and confidence to conduct research and enter a better university. In his memory, I want to provide the same service to other students. I am grateful every day for the career I have, but without the help of those around me, I would not be where I am today. I hope to be of service to you, and help you enter the university you've set your sights on!

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