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Anis Rezaei


University of Oxford

MPhil in Development Studies

University of Essex

BA (Hon) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics


About Anis

Anis Rezaei is an MPhil candidate at the University of Oxford. She holds a BA (Hon) degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Essex. Anis is currently working with Najiba Foundation – an organisation that has been tirelessly working to promote education in Diakundi province (an under-resourced and disadvantaged region in central Afghanistan.)

Since coming to the UK, Anis has been actively working with Hazara communities to help facilitate the integration of Hazaras into UK society.  Anis has also served as the chairperson of Hazara Council of Great Britain (HCGB), a community-based organisation in the UK that works to ensure the integration and an impactful societal contribution of Hazara diaspora communities in the UK. As the leader of HCGB, Anis spearheaded and successfully delivered several educational, cultural and philanthropic projects to enhance community development, capacity building and foster meaningful cross-community and cross-cultural interactions among different communities in the UK.

As a first-generation Hazara (a marginalised and historically persecuted ethnic group in Afghanistan) university student, Anis has first-hand experience of the distinctive challenges and obstacles students from marginalised and persecuted communities face when trying to access higher education. She believes UniArk is a vitally important platform that students of disadvantaged backgrounds can utilise to enhance the chance of accessing educational opportunities in the UK and beyond. Anis has joined UniArk in the hope of helping students of similar backgrounds to realise their dreams of pursuing higher education and reaching their full potential.

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