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Start your journey to university with UniArk Mentorship now

Timeline of application:

  1. Complete and submit the mentee application on this page

  2. Your eligibility for the programme will be assessed within days of receiving your application. 

  3. Be prepared to have an informal chat with us to assess your academic needs and career aspirations. This can take place online via zoom or another accessible platform.

  4. Matching process - timing varies, we aim to match you with a mentor within 2 weeks of the first informal chat. You will be notified via email. 

  5. The first introductory meeting with your mentor will take place where you will discuss how to proceed and the regularity of your contact hours.

  6. Continue to regularly meet and work on your university application(s)

  7. Regularly communicate your progress with an administrative member of staff

  8. Let us know the outcome of your application 

  9. Participate in the survey and provide feedback to help us improve our programme 

  10. You may be requested to provide a testimonial for our website

Mentor experience

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