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Who we are


​Developing countries and underrepresented/ persecuted minorities, in particular, need future leaders. They need advocates, representation, access to the same knowledge and life experiences that the rest of the world have, independent of social or economic status. 
What is the biggest bottleneck? There are many initiatives targeting basic primary and secondary education, education equality, building and improving university education in the countries themselves. However, the number of students from these backgrounds at elite universities in the UK, US, Europe is shockingly low, suggesting a substantial access problem .
We are a passionate group of young people striving to making a positive change to oppresed communities by supporting their youth to access and navigate exceptional educational opportunities to leading global universities. 

Invest in her future: support UniArk's women's scholarship

Take a stand for educational justice by donating for the education of disadvantaged women.


Education is a powerful tool that can change lives and shape futures. Access to education can mean the difference between a life of oppression and a future filled with limitless possibilities. By donating to UniArk's Women's Scholarship, you can help give women the opportunity to receive a higher education and build a brighter future for herself and her community. Read more about the campaign.

Our services and support programs


Personal statement 

Personalised, multidraft feedback on personal statements and other admisssion essay requirements


Admission Tests

1:1 support for admissions tests such as the NSAA, PAT, ENGAA and etc to improve test performances


Interview Practice

Technical Interview preparation provided by tutors who have successfully experienced the interview processes


Scholarship Applications

Students from 3rd world countries will need scholarships to study abroad, they will be supported at every stage by mentors who have successfully secured scholarships


General admissions support

Students needing support beyond the UCAS application to meet all the requirements such as the IELTS test and etc will have a mentor that can guide them through it.


Admissions; not the end

Through our collaboration with Homerton ChangeMakers and our vast network connection of students willing to help, we will be able to assist students in their first year of university whilst they adjust to the UK system if required. Note, this service is only available to international students.

Qudratullah Jamil, Mentee from Afghanistan

"I cannot sufficiently thank you and the UniArk Team for your incredible support on my application procedure and specifically essay reviews. Your sense of support in hard times, your energy and motivational support will sustain for long in my memory."
"I want to say that you all lightened up a candle where darkness prevailed all over my country and sense of hope were barely feasible, while your supports made the candle of hopes be continually flaming. Therefore, I full heartedly thank you all for your supports and time you all have given me and supported me to get steps closer to what I dreamed."
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